We are pleased to announce that The Society for Thermal Medicine, is providing travel grants to 10 Scholars-in-Training to encourage participation at the 2019 STM annual meeting.

Awardees will receive a $500 travel grant, registration to the meeting and a 2020 membership in the society.

Travel Awards recipients are based upon a competitive evaluation of their submitted abstracts and New Investigator Award applications.

2019 STM Scholar-in-Training Award Winners

STM Scholar-in-Training Awards Application Criteria

1. A person may apply for a Scholar-in-Training Award, regardless of current degree, as long as he/she is working towards a higher degree (e.g., Ph.D., M.D., and D.V.M.), or has less than three years since receiving a postgraduate degree.

2. The applicant must submit an abstract via online submission, making sure to select "I wish to enter for the Scholar-in-Training Award" by the January 21, 2019 deadline. There is a check box for this in the abstract submission system. Applications received after this date will not be considered.

3. To be considered, each applicant must be an active Scholar-in-Training member or have a membership application pending. The application must be completed and signed by either the Faculty Advisor or the institution’s Department Chair. An STM Scholar-in-Training membership application may be downloaded HERE.

4. Winners from previous years are eligible to apply for this award after sitting out for one year.


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