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36th Annual Meeting of the 
European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology
November 6-8, 2024
Malaga, Spain
International Journal of Hyperthermia Announcement of Leadership Transition* from Dr. Mark Dewhirst:

I am writing this Editorial to inform IJH readers and contributors that I have retired as Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Hyperthermia. Nancy Dewhirst will join me in retirement, stepping down as Executive Manager. There are important reasons to make this decision, but a simple explanation is that it is time for someone else to take over the Journal and steer it toward its next level of excellence. I made the announcement of the intended retirement to Taylor and Francis and the Editorial Board in July. Section Editors of the Board were invited to apply for the Editor-in-Chief position.

I am pleased to announce that after careful consideration, that Professor Hans Crezee was chosen by Taylor and Francis as the new Editor-in-Chief, effective January 1, 2024. Over the next several months we will be working with Dr. Crezee to ensure that there is a smooth transition to new leadership.

Read entire announcement HERE.

*This article was published in IJH, Vol. 41, Issue 1, date of publication 15 January 2024, and has been posted with the permission of Dr. Mark Dewhirst.

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The Society for Thermal Medicine is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization whose mission is to significantly improve patient treatment outcomes by advancing the science, development and application of Thermal Therapy.

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Founded in 1986, STM is a premier, international scientific forum for fostering interaction and innovation in the study of biological, physical and medical applications of thermal therapy for cancer and other diseases and for facilitating a greater basic understanding of the role of temperature in cellular and molecular function. A key goal of the Society is to facilitate rapid dissemination of exciting scientific breakthroughs in thermal medicine in order to expedite the translation of both basic and applied research to the clinic for the immediate benefit of patients.

The Society meets annually in the United States, (and with other international societies every 4th year) for members to exchange new research information in the areas of thermal physics/engineering, and biology and medicine, with sub-specialty interests including thermal physiology , immunology, regulation of gene/protein expression, nanoparticles and drug delivery, inflammation and metabolism, hypoxia, vascular function and the tumor microenvironment, radiation and chemotherapy sensitization by heat, thermal ablation, chemistry, and new industry development . A major emphasis at the annual meetings is placed on presentations of new translational and clinical data in thermal therapy. There are many opportunities for new investigators to present their data, and graduate students, laboratory and clinical fellows, and allied health professionals are particularly welcome at our meetings; several career development and mentor-ship opportunities are available.

Among other activities, the Society sponsors CME accredited educational events, its own outstanding journal: The International Journal of Hyperthermia, a website for scientific and informational exchange, and yearly travel awards and speaking opportunities for new investigators.

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Thermal Medicine, or the manipulation of body or tissue temperature for the treatment of disease, can be traced back to the earliest practice of medicine. Cultures from around the world can point to ancient uses of hot and cold therapy for specific medical applications, including cancer. Modern research in thermal medicine aims to understand molecular, cellular and physiological effects of temperature manipulation and the “stress” response, as well as to develop effective and safe equipment for clinical application and temperature monitoring. As a result, today there are a growing number of clinical applications of thermal therapy that benefit patients with a variety of diseases. More ... 

2024 STM Awards

The Society for Thermal Medicine is pleased to announce the winners of the prestigious 2024 STM Awards.

J. Eugene Robinson Award


Dr. Robert Griffin, PhD
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

William C. Dewey Award

Dr. Chris Diederich, PhD

Chris Diederich, PhD
University of California San Francisco

2024 Scholar-in-Training Awards

Prazwal Athukuri, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas – Tumor Burden Reduction and Immune Microenvironment Modulation in a Preclinical Murine Glioblastoma Model through Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy

Mohammed Azab, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, USA - Evaluation of the efficacy of laser interstitial thermal therapy for biopsy-proven radiation necrosis over a one-year follow-up

Sri Chandrasekar, University of Texas Southwestern, Dallas, Texas, USA - Boiling Histotripsy-Induced Local Tumor Immunomodulation Impacts the Gut Microbiome at a Distant Site

Folefac Charlemagne, Experimental Clinical Oncology-Dept. Oncology, Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus, Denmark - Exploring the Ideal Synergy of Fractionated Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) and Hyperthermia in Tumors Bearing Mice

Ethan Griswold, University of Utah, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - Feasibility of Targeting the Dorsal Root Ganglia with Focused Ultrasound for Treatment of Low Back Pain

Grace Olsson, George Washington University, Washington, District of Columbia, USA. - Ultrasound guided interstitial photothermal therapy for treating neuroblastoma

Pratikshkumar Patel, Medical Univ. of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, USA - Reducing chemotherapeutic toxicity by thermosensitive liposomal drug delivery combined with extracorporeal blood filtration

Varun Sadaphal, Solenic Medical, Addison, Texas, USA - Design and characterization of a clinical AMF system for uniform heating of prosthetic knee implants

Mark Solter, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, USA - Impact of tumor volume and radiation dose on tumor control rates in recurrent breast cancer patients treated with hyperthermia and radiation

Christian Valencia Narva, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, USA - Comparing Temperature-Dependent and Constant Thermophysical Properties in Focused Ultrasound Simulations

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